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Systems and facilities maintenance and it outsourcing

We have different modalities of customer service, support and maintenance of systems and facilities.

We are known for providing personalized, professional and proactive assistance to our clients.

We have several types of services available:

Outsourcing services

In this type of service we offer, our specialized personnel is in charge of the external management of the work necessary to guarantee the correct functioning of your network.

Trust our experience and don't worry about your network.

Computer maintenance service

Get the most out of your installed IT solution. We have a fast and professional service dedicated to perform proactive, administrative, reactive, adjustment and support tasks for your installation.

Topologies in terms of maintenance that we can offer you:

On-site maintenance: It is our specialized personnel who, either by contract or by specific needs of the service, or preventive tasks is responsible for this type of
Remote maintenance: It is our specialized personnel who, remotely, with licensed and secure applications is responsible for performing and resolving the incident before specific needs of the service, preventive tasks, stipulated in the contract with the
Bag of hours: Our specialized personnel, will impute a decrease in the bag of hours contracted by the client each time it is necessary to intervene in that client. The number of contracted hours will be based on the annual incidents that have had, modifiable annually depending on their needs.