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Cloud Services

Along with the most modern technical infrastructure and services, we offer you one of the best teams of professionals and innovation that ensure the success of the project. We have extensive experience and a high capacity in the design, implementation and specialization of Cloud Computing services.

Cloud Server

This product is designed so that any user can easily manage their servers with an intuitive and simple control panel. In such a way that new servers can be created quickly from any device, just choose the name, domain, location, size, O.S. and applications.

Each server is assigned a dedicated IP address, which will be maintained until this server is removed.

Managed Cloud

This product is designed so that we take care of the integral management of the platform, guaranteeing the highest stability and performance of the applications that you host on your cloud server.

Service guarantee and integration capacity with other platforms, besides being the best option if you want to maintain your platform under demanding performance and reliability conditions.

Cloud Datacenter

This product corresponds to the most advanced solution for hosting applications, corporate and large web environments:

Flexible, fast, secure and has the infrastructure and services needed to build a customized Virtual Data Center.

High availability and performance with service levels

Private Cloud

Private Cloud solutions consist of two parts, the equipment, which is based on an advanced solution that usually includes dedicated servers, and the virtualization of the platform.

It is designed for companies that require maximum privacy and absolute guarantee of performance, when deciding to outsource their technology department.

It is a platform for exclusive use, which allows you to take advantage of all the resources and manage it in a fast, simple and efficient way. If you wish, we can manage your cloud for you.

Cloud Company

This solution allows the client to move its core business to the cloud, benefiting from:

Safety, efficiency, mobility and

We provide the server with unlimited internet access for your use
We provide a complete service with remote access to 10 or more.
This platform can be managed, like all other products in a fast, simple and efficient way, although if you wish, our professionals can manage it for you.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup provides a reliable backup of the critical information of the main server located at the customer's company headquarters, and enables a contingency plan in case of a critical incident.

The product allows you to backup data to local disks for Windows, Linux and Mac systems as well as to external devices and network drives.

Customized backup policies can be created and managed from the backup agent or the web console.

An additional archiving system will be available, freeing up space on your systems.

If any information needs to be retrieved, the customer can decide which version to choose from among those available.

Dedicated Server

We offer you the latest generation of servers hosted in our DataCenter in Alcobendas with the best conditions:

Physical security, firewall
Uninterruptible power supply and first class internet connection.
This type of service will allow you to enjoy maximum independence, privacy and the best performance, offering your company a more controlled and private environment for your web traffic and databases.


We offer you the necessary resources to be able to publish and make visible a web page on the Internet and to have mailboxes or email.

The storage space that we include in the plans that you can count on with us is intended exclusively for the purpose of hosting the files necessary for the operation of the pages and web applications of the client.

Collaborative Mail

Get everyone in your company to interact synchronously by sharing contacts, tasks, resources and documents using our collaborative email service.

E-mail Marketing

We have a platform that will allow you to manage email marketing campaigns, in addition to offering you detailed sending statistics updated at all times.

It is easy to use, has a design wizard and advanced options for expert users.