Unify your communications

Enterprise voice solutions

Unify your company's communications with the broadest portfolio on the market, with a multitude of functionalities available and auto-configurable in real time from a private customer panel.

Robust third-party solutions

We collaborate with leading developers of voice tools, hardware and software to offer a quality service, backed by companies that are experts in each field.

Teams integration

Integrate Microsoft Teams and communicate with the outside world with all operator services, unifying your communications.

Terminals and Softphone

Enjoy your free or paid softphone. Different payment methods: installments, rental/renting or payment in full.

Call report

Get a downloadable call history in CSV format. You will be able to know the number of calls attended by each extension even if it is part of a call queue or those calls that have not been attended.

User-friendly interface

We have an intuitive and friendly user panel to facilitate your work.

CRM integrations

And many more!

Virtual PBX

It is an advanced cloud-based communication system that allows companies to receive and make calls using an Internet connection instead of a traditional telephone line. Because it is hosted in the cloud, the virtual PBX can be scalable and flexible, which means it can adapt to the company's changing needs in terms of call volume and capacity.

Physical Switchboard

We upgrade TDM and analog PBXs to physical IP PBXs.

Additionally, we can review the traffic costs of the customer's PBX links and make a proposal on numbering and traffic.


Software PBXs are voice over IP PBXs that are hosted on the customer's servers. They are intended for those customers who require a specific level of security.


Structured cabling projects, GSM expansion, WiFi expansion, digital signage and integration projects.

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